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Opening Day Celebration and Picture Day is this Saturday, 4/12 at Hartford Crossing!


Written by: Mike Stoughton
Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our Opening Day Celebration is this Saturday, April 12th at Hartford Crossing!

It's also picture day and parade day so be sure to come in uniform! Click here for the picture schedule but I suspect that your coach will be notifying you to be sure you're aware.

Our parade is going to be very similar to last year starting between Fields 6 and 7 and wrapping around the back of the complex ending between Fields 1 and 2 where the teams will wait to be introduced as they take the field on to Field 1. There will be numbered markers along the third base line fence of Field 6 and each team will have a numbered area to report to as their team starting point in the parade. Your coach will have your number and time that you will need to report to prepare for the parade. Please note that we are on a tight time schedule as the Lenape Marching Band will be leading the parade and Lacrosse will be holding up through traffic for us from 11:00am to 11:30am. Please be sure to report to your staging location at the time your coach tells you. Wait to hear from your coach. He does not have this information yet but will later today. Please be sure to be at the complex PRIOR TO 10:30am!

Also, I'm encouraging teams to make signs or banners with their team name, mascot picture, anything that you think would be fun. If you are making a banner, I encourage you to mention your primary sponsor as these generous companies are helping us keep our program going.

Parking could become an issue on Saturday. I've created a couple maps; click here for the first map. It shows "overflow" parking at fields 4 and 5 on Hartford Rd. and the parking lot outside of the softball complex on Hartford Rd. I've marked these with light blue X's. Then the red line indicates a walking path from those lots to Hartford Crossing. It's only a five minute walk.

Click here for the second map. It indicates where you may park within Hartford Crossing and where you may not. Since there are lacrosse games all day, we're trying to work with LAX to share the parking lot appropriately. I've lined areas in red on the map of Hartford Crossing where you may not park. Conversely, I've lined areas in green where you may park. Pretty simple - park near a baseball field and you're good.

I've also included the Parade route itself marked in blue.

So, to summarize:

There are two maps:

  1. Parking at Hartford Crossing and Parade Route (with picture location)
  2. Overflow Parking at Fields 4/5 on Hartford Rd. and the Softball Complex

Please be at the complex ready to report to your staging area for the parade before 10:30am. Allow time to walk from the overflow parking area as this may be necessary.Please try to limit your family to one vehicle at Hartford Crossing when at all possible. It will be a fun day with a few baseball games to follow the parade so we invite you to stick around. The concession stand will be open with drinks, pretzels, hot dogs, water ice, snacks and more so be sure to stop by. We will also be having a 50/50 drawing at the end of the day as well as our Cathedrals of the Game raffle drawing.

Please check back as more information and any updates relative to the weather are determined.

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