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Thank YOU for a successful Opening Day Celebration!


Written by: Mike Stoughton
Monday, April 15, 2013

Saturday's festivities turned out to be quite a good time even though Mother Nature put us in a tough position game-wise.  It sure seemed like the kids had a great time with the parades and, judging by all the nice comments, it seems that the parents had a great time too.

I'd like to thank Dave Pozzi for his tireless efforts helping to organize this special day, the Lenape Marching Band for their participation in our morning parade and the Medford Fire Department for their participation in our morning parade as well.  There were so many individuals that contributed to this successful day in some way that it's impossible to name all of you.  And know that all you parents and coaches played a major role by participating.

Thank you all for your participation, encouragement and kind words surrounding Saturday's celebration!

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