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Diamondbacks Fight Back for the Win 9-8


Written by: Ken Glover
Sunday, May 9, 2004

WOW! What can be said about a game like today? It's 10:41pm and I'm still thinking about the great game you all played today. I'm sure I can speak for the coaches, and probably everyone in the stands today, when I say Thank you. Thanks for the exciting game. Thanks for the reminder of what it is to be young. Down by 4 the Diamondbacks came back to tie then win with an exciting finish. Game ball Frank Canuso "Mr. Clutch", came through big with the game winning hit excellent job Frank. Sean Gupta, way to hustle on the score. Speaking of hustle, way to dive out there in center Brendan that was an awesome effort. Oh, Oh, Here's another one Brian Braytenbah LF comes in and catches another crucial hit, then goes to the plate and gets one with a steal after that. Awesome! PAUL MANERI, taking another one for the team, Paul we hope you're okay. Another great game all around,Thank you. Eric Sellitto, and Sean Hickey, Is there a position you don't play? Great game you two. I've asked you, What can be said about a game like today? Today you gave it you're all. Everybody feel good about the way you played. If you know any of the other players or coaches from the other team tell them thanks for a great game. Tyler Kaiser two times on two times scored You are the man. David Sussman, way to keep your head in the game nice back up on those few shots to the OF. Ryan Brunetti, way to smack that ball. Cory Crichton, way to zip right in from CF to back up the throws. See how exciting that is? Dude that's baseball. When you read this, tell your mothers this win was for them, for Mother's Day. Thanks again, we'll see ya Monday.

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