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Kids Cuts Pitchers Shine in First Outting


Written by: Joe Dimaggio's Ghost
Saturday, May 8, 2004

In what amounted to the start of a brand new season, the Kids Cuts kids showed us all just what they are made of today, some very tough stuff. Kids Cuts got some great pitching from Kevin Kennedy, Colin Koos, and Jonathan Burkett, holding American Honda to just one run. Kevin and Colin both pitched two innings, and Jonathan came in as the closer to finish the game. The game had a different flavor, as the boys began to play their various positions for longer than one inning at a time, allowing them to show the skills they've worked so hard to learn.

The pitchers stayed in the groove with the help of Brandon Farley and Kyle Farley, catching behind the plate. Giving the pitchers a big target, guarding the plate when runners were in scoring position, and dropping the helmet and charging the ball on short hits, the Farley boys showed the entire league just how to play catcher right. The outfield crew of Travis Lindaberry, Anthony Digneo, and Ryan Buck had their hands full with some big batters on American Honda, but got the ball into second quickly, keeping the big hits to long singles.

Colin White came up big with a clutch single with the bases loaded to start off the Kids Cuts kids scoring. Michael Armbruster added a couple of singles to his hitting totals to give the big bats somebody to send around the bases, and Austin Charles used a good bat and a keen eye to get on base with a single and a walk, scoring two of the team's five runs from the lead off spot.

Luke Cooper showed everyone how to scoop a sharp grounder to short, and played tough defense at first base in the last two innings to help the team close out the game. The game ended in a double play, as Colin Koos and Kevin Kennedy both charged a short pop-up in the infield. Kevin, seeing that he and Colin were about to collide, smartly stepped back, allowing Colin to catch the ball, and throw to second to end the game.

The Kids Cuts kids have great depth in their batting order. It's a pleasure to watch a team that has so many good hitters, allowing the team to score at any time during a game. Their skills in the field are amazing for their ages, and they should all be very proud of their play.

Today's MVP goes to Austin Charles for scoring two runs, and having four putouts at first base in the first three innings.

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