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Volunteers Get Zallie's Babe Ruth Field Ready


Written by: Tom Vaughan
Saturday, May 8, 2004

The gang who couldn't dig straight, including Mark Harris, John Grady Sr. and Jr., Kevin Hickey Sr. and Jr., Tom Vaughan Sr. and Jr., and Joe Knazek were out at the Babe Ruth field Saturday morning to get it ready for play later in the day. Although the crew was small, they were committed (or maybe they should be committed... but I digress).

Medford Township delivered a load a mulch, and it was up to the volunteer coaches and players to spread it. Although the infield was completely dug up and redone last fall in order to improve drainage, the dugouts were not draining well, and they were full of mud. So, the crew decided to create a french drain. It's a good thing that 4 inch perforated pipe is flexible, because this was not a professionally dug trench (OK... I'll take responsibility).

Kevin Hickey called upon Haas to deliver a free load of stone for the drain field, and they came through in less than an hour with a truckload.

We'll see you this afternoon and evening for the first games on our newly refurbished and not so damp field. It looks great.

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