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Kids Cuts Explode for 15 Runs


Written by: Lou Gerhig's Ghost
Saturday, May 1, 2004

The Kids Cuts kids found their groove at home plate today, exploding for 15 runs. Everyone was a hitter today. Colin White and Colin Koos both blasted balls deep, helping to drive in runs, while Michael Armbruster and Austin Charles kept their bats alive at the plate, getting on base and into scoring position several times. Travis Lindaberry kept his two game hitting streak alive, adding two more singles today.

Kyle Farley had a hot bat today, and Brandon Farley drove in a run in the second with a sacrifice grounder to put Kids Cuts in the lead for keeps. Anthony Digneo found the ball a couple times, keeping the bases full inning after inning, and Luke Majewski hit a shot moving runners into scoring postion in the fourth.

Ryan Buck led the way on defense, helping to keep Jantek from scoring in the second, fourth and fifth innings, while Jonothan Burkett made an outstanding appearance at first base.

After giving up the full five runs in the first, the Kids Cuts kids pulled together as a team to shore up the defense, keeping Jantek to just 2 runs for the rest of the game.

Luke Cooper decided to leave his bat at home today, and brought a big boom stick instead. Luke launched all three of his hits into the outfield, putting on a fireworks display at the plate that accounted for four runs being driven in. Each of Luke's at bats brought OOOOOHs and AHHHHHHs from the crowd like the Fourth of July.

Today's MVP goes to Luke Cooper.

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