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Kids Cuts Win Slugfest


Written by: Hank Aaron
Friday, April 30, 2004

The Kids Cuts kids bats came alive again tonight, as the boys blasted in 9 runs. Kevin Kennedy hit a triple and Colin Koos,ad Colin White had a mid inning doubles, all driving in runs. Michael Armbruster, Jonathon Burkett, and Austin Charles all made it to base at all three at bats, and scored a couple times each. Travis Lindaberry was the surprise hitter of the game, driving a ball into deep right center in the second inning.

Luke Cooper sealed the win with stellar play at first base in the final inning, and Luke Majewski was kept very busy shagging balls hit to right field. Colin White once again used his body to block a hard line drive to third, leading the way for Austin Charles' face block of a bouncing grounder in the last inning to hold the runner at second. Ryan Buck played tough at both shortstop and catcher. The Farley brothers, Brandon and Kyle, proved the saying "Better late then never" waltzing onto the field in the third inning, but lifting the team's spirits with solid fielding and hitting, as well as some fancy dance steps. Anthony Digneo held up the team's pride with great play behind the plate and in the field.

It was a close game, and the boys held their own, coming back from a 3-5 deficit to win the game. Good sportsmanship once again ruled, as the Kids Cuts kids showed Lechner the best game they'd had so far this year.

Tonight's MVP goes to Travis Lindaberry.

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