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Most Games for Saturday 6/10 have been delayed or moved


Written by: Gerry Haggerty
Friday, June 9, 2006

Hi -

due to this week's heavy rain, the fields are very wet.  We will be pushing back nearly every game and moving some games to new fields.  Please review the schedule very carefully to see when and where your team plays.

All 9 AM games scheduled for Medford Lakes fields are on as origianlly scheduled. 

T-ball - all games delayed 2 hours from original start time.

Some game times have actually been moved up earleir to avoid pushing them back to dinner time and early evening.  Some have been moved to Medford Lakes (field directions are as follows: take Rt. 541 to Jackson Rd.  Follow Jackson to Tuckerton Rd. and turn left.  Take Tuckerton to Mohawk Trail and turn left.  Fields are down 1/2 mile).

Lastly, we will need to rake and put down drying agent on all of the Medford fields before the first games.  If you are scheduled for the first games in Medford (at Noon now - they were originally 9 AM), please arrive at least an hour early to help prepare the fields (coaches and any parents who can help out).

Thank you for your cooperation under these tough circumstances.  We did not want to lose another whole day of games to rain outs!

Commissioners, please check to be sure we have all of your league's games covered!

New Schedule for Saturday June 10th (if this is tough to read, check the site downloadable documetns for a spreadsheet):

field 1 field 2 field 3 field 4 field 5 
Noon Conville / Larson Buono / Cordner Vasturia / Haines Egan / Grose Shinske / Schroeder
2:00 PM Fallon / Haggerty Maute / Hamilton Flake / Caples Vasturia / (8) / Austin Mulligan / Humphreys
4:00 PM Boswick / Wigley Sims / Leventon Portner / Drexel Bromley / Trees Torres / Simonetti
ML Lower ML Upper
9:00 AM Reilly / Henry Bailey / Karbashian
11:00 AM Gauracino / Pagliuso  
1:00 PM Russo / Locantore  
3:00 PM Love / Paetow Wilkins / Robinson

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