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A's get 4th straight!


Written by: Aaron BAILEY
Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Oakland A's of Medford's Minor League National Division won their 4th straight game at Upper Hopkins in Medford Lakes Saturday. This was the A's break-out game offensively, with Mike D. leading the way with a Grand Slam Homerun in the 5th inning! Sam was also in a groove, going 4-4 at the plate and just missing his own Grand Slam in the 5th!

Good discipline at the plate really payed off today with the A's loading up the bases 7 times. For the most part, players weren't swinging at any high pitches. When the balls were hit, they were hit HARD!!!

Pitching was consistently good again, but defense was especially good. Tyler gunned down a runner at home and Jaymes did a good job of putting the tag on the runner. Sam had a great catch at second base that would surely make the highlights on ESPN! Brett, Jimmy, Drew and Curtis could all be heard being leaders on the field, telling their teamates how many outs there were and where the next play was at. Great job boys! Duncan, Jordyn and Michael all had VERY good games again.

Next game is Monday night against a tough Maute team. Will we see 5 wins in a row? There are still a few tickets left for the game, so come out and support the A's!!!!

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