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Written by: Mark Meckel
Sunday, April 25, 2004

Parents and Players,

Please continue to work on "Where's the play". Make up a situation, and give your player a position and ask him what he would do with the ball if it was hit to him.

Reinforce that each player is responsible for his position. Not to catch it, but to be in the correct position for each play to catch it.

Lastly, Keep in mind that we are playing baseball to have FUN. With the pressures of home and school (yes, even for 9-10 year olds), the last thing we want to do is make a missed ground ball or a strikeout or a pitcher walking 4 guys in a row a concern or worry. We will make the adjustments in a positive way.

Thank you, Parents, for your support of our team. Just as all the players need to come together as a team, so do, I believe, the parents.

Nice Job


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