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D' Backs & Yankees "Down To Wire" game


Written by: Mike Kruzinski
Friday, June 10, 2005

The Diamondbacks game against Yankees was a real nail biter, as The D'Backs got off to a quick lead when Jarret hit his second grand slam of the season over the opposite field fence. It was Jarret's fourth out of the park home run this year, but the Yankees came right back the next inning to go ahead 5 to 4. It was a pretty close game from that point on, as the D'Backs saw Brian single and Mike hit a 3 run double.
There was some very good fielding by D'Backs first basemen Joey and Eric, as well as some "throw em out plays" by Billy to Mike at the plate, catcher Brody to nail a runner at second, and a run saving play by outfielder Joey to SS Jarret to 3rd baseman Reed to get the runner at 3rd, in what would have been a triple and probable scoring run. Mike and Jarret pitched a great game, but the Yankees came back from 9 to 8 in the bottom of the 6th inning to score one more run as the game ended in a 9 to 9 tie.

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