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Stone Masons Earn 11-8 Decision over Lakes Office Supply


Written by: Andy Flake
Friday, June 10, 2005

Like two prize fighters going toe-to-toe, the Stone Masons Reds and Lakes Office Supply battled with aluminum and leather for 6 tough innings. When the dust finally settled the Reds came away with an 11-8 decision over a talented Lakes team to earn their second win of the season.

That low rumble heard in Medford over the last couple of weeks has not been from the air traffic from McGuire AFB; nor has it been from the roar of the nitro fueled race cars from Atco Raceway; it has not even been from the suped-up special of a Shawnee senior. That low rumble has been from a Reds team that has awaken from an early season slumber to make a charge into the playoffs.

Their latest venture into the win column was the result of brilliant pitching performances from Andrew B., Frankie H. and Michael R. and a great defensive effort from the rest of the Reds. The defensive highlight of the game was a 9-4-5 putout completed by Ryan M., Andrew B. and Josh B. The rest of the Reds, Eric M., Zac B., Zac F., Zack F. Scott R. and Robert H. contributed to the win with timely hitting, aggressive base running, and tough defense. As always, the inspirational leadership of Mattie M. was present in the dugout.

Next up for the Reds are the powerful Diamondbacks.

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