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Diamondbacks Do It Again


Written by: Mike Kruzinski
Wednesday, June 1, 2005

The Diamondbacks really pulled together as a team to come from behind and beat Coach Vasturia's RSI team on Tuesday. It began with starting pitcher, Reed, saying he was really tired and yet he went out and pitched great. Later, while playing left field, a Texas league fly ball was hit and Reed came running in at top speed, taking a diving leap with arms stretched out and made what would have to be described as the best catch this season. It was a web gem catch!
Billy, Trevor, Brian and Ryan all drew walks during the game and eventually scored. Jarret hit a triple, driving in two runs and eventually scored himself. Later in the game, Jarret hit his third out of the park home run with two men on.
Brody had a sharp hit to left field and did a great job behind the plate. Speaking of great work behind the plate, Brandon made a key tag out at the plate that saved a run. Mike came in the last two innings and did a terrific job on the mound as The Diamondbacks went on to win by a score of 9 to 6.

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