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L&L Redi-Mix Gets a Big 'W'


Written by: Ronald Ristine
Sunday, May 22, 2005

It was a beautiful day for baseball and the sun was shining on the L&L Redi-Mix Dodgers as they defeated the Sander, Haynne & Carson Cardinals 8-4. After three straight losses, the victory was a much need boost for the boys in blue.

The game started well for the 1st place Cardinals getting 4 runs in the top of the 1st inning. L&L Redi-Mix, used to playing from behind, was undaunted and surged ahead with 8 runs over the next 4 innings while holding the Cardinals scoreless. Outstanding defensive plays by Ryan Schroy, Tommy Freund, Tyler Gerber, Matt Igo and Joe Zurzolo ended the second inning for Michael Conover, who pitched very effectively, to end what could have been a big inning for the Cardinals.

In the 3rd inning, Vince Corbi took control of the mound and the game with a dominant performance. With Peter Ristine behind the plate, they cruised through the next three innings while picking up 6 strikeouts. Alex Borucki closed out the game to seal the victory.

The key to today's game was the L&L Redi-Mix offense, scoring runs in all but 1 inning. Nick Ristine (3-3) led the way. Ryan Schroy (2-2), Peter Ristine (2-3, DBL) and Vince Corbi (monster triple) provided lots of excitement for the fans.

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