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Borden WINS 30-29 !!!


Written by: Skip Rudderow
Sunday, May 15, 2005

WOW! After a long wait to play our second game of the year, Saturday had about 8 hours of baseball. A schedule confusion had our team in Pemberton at 9 am, we ended up playing in Medford at 1 pm. Pemberton broke the game open in the first with 4 quick runs despite a nice double play by George Rudderow-to-Joey Birmingham-to-Brendan Mahan; but Borden matched their effort with 4 runs in the first to tie the game, sparked by a lead off double by Brendan Mahan.
Pemberton 4 Borden 4
Pemberton hit the scoreboard for 2 more in the second, and Borden once again slapped 2 runs in the book to tie the game again.
Pemberton 6 Borden 6
Pemberton got more agressive in the third and dropped 5 runs in. Borden went down 1,2,3. Pemberton made an attempt to put the game out of reach in the 4th by scoring 9 runs...and took a commanding lead of 20-6.
Pemberton 20 Borden 6
The Borden team blocked out the sounds of their screaming fans, and an obnoxious air horn, and had a 10 runs inning!! Driving hits in the inning were Brendan Mahan, Brant Jestes, Robbie Tait, Paul Maneri, Tyler Sterner, and Evan Okulanis.....sweet!
Pemberton 20 Borden 16
...Little did I know that this game still had 23 more runs to go. Next inning, Pemberton goes on the attack again, and scores 8 runs. The borden squad came to the plate and gathered 5 hits, including hits by Bobby Schuck and Ryan McGowan (thanks for filling the roster) to score 7 runs.
Pemberton 28 Medford 23
Going into what would be the final inning, Pemberton was held to just one run in the top of the inning, with the great pitching effort of Tyler Sterner (also a nice job behind the plate Ty). Pemberton pitchers were getting worn down, and struggled into the last inning giving up a few key walks.. Medford sored runs, and now had the tying run on third. George Rudderow's bunt to get the game tying run in from third ended in a wild and tense play at third, but left all base runners safe! (nice call at 3rd base by substitute umpire Mr. McGowen!) Pemberton fans were getting much louder at this point (did I mention the air horn?) A past ball enabled Borden to tie the game up!
Now stepping into the batters box is Robbie Tait, who was on base 6 times in the game. Robbie had two monsterous cuts at Pemberton fast balls, but was unable to connect, and worked the pitcher to a full count with 2 outs. Fans were on the edge of their seats...players are chanting and yelling...the pitch comes in...Robbie takes a cut...hits it back to the pitcher...who makes a bad throw to first...WE WIN! (and the air horn stopped)

It was a long hot day of baseball, and I give our players a lot of credit for hanging tough and not giving up, thanks guys!

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