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Late Tigers Rally Falls Short


Written by: Bill Martin
Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Detroit Tigers Rookie team dug themselves a deep hole midway through their third game of the year, and even a late 4-run rally in the 5th could not overcome a large Arfuso lead, resulting in 20-12 loss this Saturday. Arfuso was led by the strong hitting of Austin Kennedy, and was helped by a barrage of hits from the entire team. The Tigers were down early to the bigger hitting Arfuso squad, but the stellar fielding of Ryan Simalchik at third and Jake Askin at first base kept them within reach. Alec Sozio and Billy Martin played well behind the plate, and once again the Isles twins Max and Mikey played pitchers mound well. Matthew Canuso, James DeLaurentis, Louis Sarandoulious and Jack Sanborn continued their hot hitting in the losing effort. Even Griffin Foster, who has been named the team's "rally starter" by the coaches, was unable to stop the Arfuso team this week. Assistant Coach Rob Simalchik noted that some of the runs scored could be attributable to coaching, not the players: "It's early in the season. They were aggressively running on the bases, which cost us some runs. Some of the plays could have been made by simply tagging the runners--but the kids have not been taught that yet. That's the coaches' fault, not theirs." The Tigers will have the chance to equal their record at 2-2 on Friday night at 7:30 p.m. at Wawa field under the lights.

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