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Giants loom large in hard fought opener


Written by: John Busca
Sunday, April 17, 2005

The SF Giants won their first game of the season behind the steller play of the entire team against a tough and very skilled opponent. The Giants dedicated coaching staff and players work hard during the off season which was evident as the team was firing on all cylinders and jumped out to an early lead behind great hitting and a stingy defense. Pitchers Mike DiLorenzo and Nick Bono shared the mound throwing some heat to catcher Patrick Fryer and all came up with big hits at the plate. Third baseman Jordan Stroud made several key stops which he combined with a cluth hit while bases were loaded that drove in the first run of the season. In a tough play, second baseman Max Busca fielded a ground ball and raced to second base for the forced out to end the 3rd inning. All of the Giants had a great time under perfect weather conditions and look forward to taking on their next opponent.

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