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Answerds to Baseball Quiz #1


Written by: Mike Eckert
Friday, April 23, 2004

1. Name the Top 3 HomeRun hitters of all time? Hank Aaron - Babe Ruth - Barry Bonds

2. Who has the most home runs by a 3rd baseman? Mike Schmidt of the Phillies

3. How many of these retired jersey's for the Yankees can you name
1-3-4-5-7-8-8-10-15-16 (cant remeber if there is more)
1-Billy Martin 3- Babe Ruth 4- Lou Gerhig 5 - Joe D 7- Mickey Mantle 8- Yogi Berra 8- Casey Stengel 10- Phil Rizzuto 15 - Thruman Munson 16- Whitey Ford

4. Can you name the picher that has the most strikeouts as a left hander? Steve Carlton - St LOuis Cardinals. Philadelphia Phillies, San Fran Giants

5.Who caught Hank Aarons' 715th homerun in the Braves Bullpen???
Tom House - who later went on to be the pitching coach of the Texas Rangers in the 80's

More to come......

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