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The season comes to a close!


Written by: Mark Harris
Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Well, after several rain outs - it finally happened! We got our last game in and the final champion was crowned. Boy did it go by quick - I remember last September someone put my name in the hat to be John Grady's replacement - it seemed like yesterday. Then we were scrambling to get our training sessions going at fielders choice, registration, pre-season practices, the beginning of the season and now its over. I don't know what to do with my time.

I want to congratulate all those still standing at the end - Borden Realty in the Babe Ruth divison, Dilworth Paxson in Cal Ripken, AFR Financial in the Minor American Division, Genie House in the Minor National, American Honda in the Rookie American and Rita's Water Ice in the Rookie National. I loved watching the final games, the crowds cheering, the visible excitement of the two final teams as they battled for the right to be called 2004 Champion. I hope you all, players, coaches and parents enjoyed it as much as I did.

I want to thank all those volunteers who helped make this season possible. Starting with the Commissioners - Joe Knazek and John Grady - Babe Ruth, Joe McGowan - Cal Ripken, Greg Blemlek - Minors, Dave Pshick - Rookies, Dennis Boyle - TBall and Keith Montefusco for Training and Education. Thanks guys - you did good! I also want to thank all the coaches, assistants and parents that help with the teams. Without volunteers like you none of this would have happened.

I also want to thank our Umpires. What a thankless job. To quote Dave Hyman, an umpire we enlisted to help train our umps, "Umpiring is the only job where 50% percent of the people will always be mad at you." They did a great job and we owe them our thanks.

I need to thank Tom Vaughn and Bob Miller who were instrumental in setting up this wonderful website and maintain it behind the scenes. Thanks guys - Over and over again I have heard that this was the best innovation of the season.

Lastly, I want to thank Mary Ann Brusco - who works tirelessly to keep our kids fed and watered throughout the season. Thanks!

I am excited to see that we have 2 - 9 year old teams, 3 - 10 year old teams, 2 - 11 year old teams, 2 - 12 year old teams and 2 Babe Ruth teams still playing ball. Some are playing Districts other just playing in informal leagues. I love to see that.

Some of you may know we are also co-hosting with Fielder's Choice a camp for 7-12 year old ball players the week of July 12 - 16. The information is elswhere on the web site please register your child.

Please keep checking the web site during the summer for information on fall ball.

Thanks for a great season!

Mark Harris

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