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Kids Cuts Kids Play Like Pros!!!


Written by: Brooks Robinson
Friday, June 11, 2004

The Kids Cuts kids played better then their older brothers tonight, in a game that was just too amazing to properly describe. As they always do, everyone on the team made major contributions.

At the plate, Kevin Kennedy, Austin Charles, Colin White, Ryan Buck and Colin Koos provided some big bats. Not to be out done, the bottom of the oder came out swinging, too, with Brandon Farley, Travis Lindaberry, Anthony Digneo, and Luke Majewski provding successive hits to bring in several much needed runs in the fourth inning.

In the field the kids were simply spectacular. So many great plays were made, it's hard to remember them all. Austin Charles' scoop of a line drive to center field, charging in and tagging the runner out at second, Kevin Kennedy throwing a runner out at first from left center field, Michael Armbruster making play after play at the pitcher's position, Kyle Farley taking one off Ryan Buck's page and catching a foul ball behind the plate, Anthony Digneo and Travis Lindaberry both shagging hard outfield grounders and making plays into the infield, Colin Koos diving tag at second base for a force out, and Luke Cooper starting and ending the game catching pop flies all added up to too much Kids Cuts for Kazmeiski to handle.

Kazmeiski made a full press run at the boys in the last inning, but Kids Cuts kept their cool, and the coolest of them all, Luke Cooper, put away the last out like he could do it in his sleep.

How can one name an MVP when everyone plays so well? Kids Cuts handled themselves with class, not taking advantage of Kazmeiski's short handedness, winning with a full team effort.

It was a pleasure to watch the game tonight. This baseball player can sleep well tonight, knowing so many great ballers are moving their way up the ladder.

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