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Kids Cuts Rumble


Written by: Harry Caray's Ghost
Monday, June 7, 2004

The Kids Cuts kids started off the playoffs with a solid game tonight.
The Kids were a bit soft in the field to start the game, but came up tight to hold Lechner scoreless in the final three innings.

It was the Kids Cuts kids bats once again that won the day. The first inning was a barn burner, with Michael Armbruster, Kevin Kennedy, Colin Koos, and Colin White all singling to bring in one run and load the bases. Austin Charles then plowed one deep to right center for a three RBI triple. The kids were back in the third inning, showing it takes a team to play baseball. Michael Armbruster hit the longest double recorded to date, and Travis Lindaberry shocked everyone, including himself, with a powerful drive to deep left field. Jonathan Burkett, Anthony Digneo, Kyle Farley and Luke Majewski all added hits and advanced the runners on base.

Ryan Buck. Holy Cow! Ryan has set the bar for all catchers in the league with spectacular play behind the plate, coming out on several short hits and throwing down to first.

" He day dreams out in the field sometimes, " said Coach Charles, " but it seems once you start throwing the ball at him every pitch, he stays real focused, and a good solid catcher can make the difference between a win and a loss. I think the whole team is thrilled with Ryan's play behind the plate. "

Luke Cooper again showed the league how to play first base the right way, and Brandon Farley made several big plays at second and short stop.

The Golden Glove goes to Ryan Buck for outstanding play at catcher.
The hitting MVP goes to Austin Charles, Michael Armbruster, Kevin Kennedy, Colin Koos, Kyle Farley, Colin White, Luke Cooper, Travis Lindaberry, Jonathan Burkett, Brandon Farley, Anthony Digneo, and Luke Majewski.

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