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Answers to - Take the Basball quiz #1


Written by: Mike Eckert
Friday, April 23, 2004

1. Name the top 3 home run hitters? Hank Aaron 755 - Babe Ruth 714 - Barry Bonds still counting

2. Who has the most homeruns by a 3rd baseman? Mike Jack Schmidt of the Phils

3. Who has the most strikeouts by a left handed pitcher? Steve Carlton

4. In 1974 what team didnt win a game on its own home field? (trick question) Yankees - The Yankees played that year in Shea Stadium as Yankee Stadium was under rehab

5. Who made the last out in the 1969 World Series Mets vs. Orioles. hint he coached the Mets at one time - Davey Johnson who played second base for the Orioles and letter went on to coach the Mets in 86' World Series Win.

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