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Diamondbacks Finally Lose


Written by: Ken Glover
Thursday, May 20, 2004

Well it was a great run. The Diamondbacks lost to the Medford Microbes Tuesday Night 5-4. Man what a game. We should have charged admission. We would have made a mint. Eric Sellitto pitched four strong innings and Frank Canuso finished this awesome battle of rivals. Congrats to the Microbes, you deserve it. Now we're even. Sounds like a rubber match to me. We'll see you at the end of the season I'm sure. Anyway, Paul(The Man)Maneri took another beating behind the plate yet he still roped a triple, and scored after a walk. Frank Canuso, Tyler Kaiser, and Brendan Glover each had a single. Tyler(the vacuum) Kaiser had several great plays on SS. My hat goes off to you Ty, you had an error on one of the last plays of the game and yet you smiled and shook it off. That is, in a word, RESPECTABLE. Here's another one for ya'. How about two words. Die hards. Another die hard defensive performance by Brian Braytenbah, Mike Robinson, Sean Gupta, Bobby Bohny, David Sussman, Ryan Brunetti, and Sean(I'm with the Band)Hickey you made the plays and hit the cutoffs like the pros. Fantastic! Thanks for yet another exciting game. Keep your heads up. You all played a great game. Just remember, even the pros don't win them all. Just come back next game and remember it's supposed to be FUN. You're still in first place, and you're still THE TEAM to beat. Thank your parents, and especially Coach Kevin and Coach Tom for being there for you. I would like to thank Frank Canuso Sr. for stepping in and helping out in the dugout, and pre-game. And a special thanks again to Mrs. Hickey for keeping the scorebook in order. You are the finest Mrs. H. Boys make sure to tell her that okay? Again congrats to the Microbes. WE WILL MEET AGAIN.

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