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Written by: League Administrator
Wednesday, May 10, 2017

THIS is not a trash can. When this disappears, someone else put YOUR garbage in a garbage can. There are 17 garbage cans in the complex, if they are to far away or inconveniently located, consider bringing the garage home.

Hartford Crossing is not private property...

Chapter 89 “Littering"

No person shall throw, drop, discard or otherwise place litter of any nature upon any public or private property, other than in a litter receptacle. It is unlawful to discard or dump along any street or road, on or off any right-of-way, any litter, household or commercial waste, rubbish, refuse, junk, vehicle or vehicle parts, without written consent of the property owner. The owner or person in control of any private property shall at all times maintain the premises free of litter, except for storage in authorized litter receptacles.

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