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Diamondbacks Fight Back for an 11-11 tie


Written by: Ken Glover
Sunday, May 16, 2004

First of all let me start by saying this. I apologize to the umpires and opposing coaches for becoming a little heated after what I thought was a botched call, or botched calls. In the scheme of things this was still a fantastic game. The Diamondbacks once again proved to be the team to beat. I could sit here as I usually do and give acolades to each individual player but you know what, everyone deserves credit in this one. ALL of you stuck together and helped each other out. Physically with the offense and defense, and mentally by constantly talking it up and supporting each other. So, Paul Maneri, Frank Canuso, Tyler Kaiser, Eric Sellitto, Sean Hickey, Brendan Glover, Brian Braytenbah, Ryan Brunetti, Mike Robinson, Sean Gupta, Bobby Bohny, Cory Crichton, and David Sussman, Congratulations! Keep your heads up. It isn't a loss. It's a tie. You are still the best. Just never under estimate and always give it your all. Most importantly, keep having fun. Thank your parents again. And especially thank your coaches for this one. They certainly deserve it. One more person to really, really thank, Mrs. Hickey. She keeps everything organized in the book as well as cheers all of you on during the game. Thanks Mrs. Hickey. Well, another big game Tuesday night 7:30pm. Please be there at 6:45pm and rest up. Try to stretch before you arrive. You guys are the best, but I gotta go. I'm burning our dinner. See you at the feild.
Coach Ken

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