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Field Day TODAY - Saturday, 3/12


Written by: League Administrator
Friday, March 11, 2016

Today (Sat 3/12) is our annual Field Day at Hartford Crossing, Hartford Rd. and Bob Meyer Field. Check with your coach for your individual responsibility. If you're just reporting to help in general, bring any equipment that you think might help (rake, pitchfork, shovel, wheel barrow, gas blower, etc. - write your name on your stuff!). Gloves are recommended.

We're starting around 9am and hope to be done by early afternoon. Don't wait for specific direction, just clean something up or fix something that doesn't look right!

Remember that trash cans need to be at the street to be collected. Please be sure to put them by the street and don't leave them next to the fields or they will not be collected. We need to pick up all trash at Hartford Crossing - not just the trash by the baseball fields as the other trash will simply blow over to the baseball fields eventually. If we need additional trash cans, they are over by the football field house.

Travel teams are handling specific fields - coaches have assignments.

General rec teams' responsibilities:

1st Grade - Kirby's Mill School Field/Chairville School Field

2nd Grade - Hartford Crossing Sheds and Skybox Garage

3rd/4th Grade - Kirby's Mill School Field/Chairville School Field

5th/6th Grade - General cleanup

Babe Ruth - ShopRite of Medford Field/Bob Meyer Field

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