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Opening Day Parade!


Written by: League Administrator
Friday, April 17, 2015

Short version:

- See what team number you are on the attached document and line up there between 9:40 and 9:50am on Saturday.

- Prepare your neatly printed list of players, coaches and sponsor(s) with phonetic pronunciations as soon as possible - please, no jotting this down on Saturday morning - DO IT NOW and put it with your hat! You lose points if you fall down on this!
- Picture orders are online this year. Your parents can visit our vendor's site to place orders by clicking here.

Detailed version:
For the parade, we will assemble between Fields 6 and 7. There will be signs on the fence of field 6 indicating "Team 1, Team 2, Team 3", etc. These will be staging areas for each team to initially assemble. Team numbers are available by clicking here. Note that two teams will assemble at each location. I really doesn't matter who goes first, this is just a guideline.

Please follow this time schedule to report to your area to assemble on April 18

9:40 1st and 2nd grade teams
9:45 PreK (T-Ball) teams and Kindergarten (Coach Pitch) teams9:50 3rd/4th grade, 5th/6th grade, Babe Ruth and all Renegades Teams

The parade route is going to start between Fields 6 and 7. It will head east initially making left hand turns along the way until all the teams are between Fields 1 and 2. You will keep your team together at all times and should employ the assistance of two or three assistant coaches/player parents. The first team in line will go the deepest between Fields 1 and 2. The last team in the parade will then be in a position to be the first to be introduced on the first base side of Field 1 as parents and on-lookers gather along the third base line. Coaches should have a neatly printed list of players that includes the coach's name, team name and sponsor and any phonetic pronunciations that you feel will assist our announcer. (This is where many fell down last year) Said announcer is requesting a LARGER font for his aging eyes. This list will be handed to the announcer's assistant right before your team takes the field. Feel free to have your team create a banner to carry in the parade to uniquely identify them. I encourage you to mention your sponsor on your banner.

The head coach will lead his team to a spot in the outfield (I believe Eric Rottkamp will be the field traffic cop) and, depending on the age group (the younger requiring more assistance) an assistant coach or two or three will usher the team along. Coaches - please try to keep your teams focused and minimize picking of the grass and playing with the outfield surface. We'll try to move this along in a speedy manner. The entire team should enter the field at the same time - the introductions are going to be as a group to move this along a little more rapidly since we are having just the one parade.

After all players in the parade have taken the field, we will have some a ceremonial first pitch thrown out by long-time friend of MYAA Baseball, Ron Murphy followed by the singing of our National Anthem. So, coaches, it's probably a good idea to give your teams - especially the younger ones - a brief lesson in "National Anthem etiquette" if you can. It makes me proud to see little guys acting like ballplayers when it comes to the Anthem.Games will follow immediately after our National Anthem.

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