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Written by: Peter Dietrich
Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The team is developing nerves of steal being undaunted when down runs. We saw this in Saturday's game as well as tonight. We had good at bats up and down the line up. I was glad to see some good swinging strikeouts but of course happier to see kids draw walks on deep counts. The lead went back and forth with us taking the lead on a five run abbreviated last inning. There was a great fielding play with a ball up the middle into center, Brian came up throwing to home, Mike D. with the catch and late tag before gunning to third with Sean covering who made the catch and the tag but the balled jarred loose. No outs but great heads up fielding by all three players. Game ball to Jake for a clutch go ahead single and a walk. Kudos to Paul 2 for 2, HBP and two solid innings on the mound in relief, and Brian 1 for 1, 2BB.

Nice game,
Coach Pete

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