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The Diamondbacks Bloom Into A Championship Team


Written by: Ken Glover
Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Well, Well, Well. What a season. For a team that started out a little late, without any gear, and lost in the land of pre-season confusion, the Dilworth/Paxson Diamondbacks won the Cal Ripken Major League Championship on Monday night to complete an almost perfect season. I've been saying all season long never under estimate any opponent, give 100 percent , play with good sportsmanship, and most importantly, have fun. You have done it all. And I'm very proud of you all. It was an honor to coach such a fine group of boys. You have blossomed into a great team of ballplayers on and off the field. Your the best so enjoy this and remember it always. I know I will. As for the game, ah yes. Another game where everyone was a factor. You all kicked it up a notch. You all had your roles, and you played them quite well. You were down by three in the first and never looked back. you fought back and took control to win 13-3. Impressive! So how can I sum up this season with my last article of the year? Baseball is Life. Some people go at it casually, some with the fire of a champion. You are all now champions and I hope you all succeed in life as you have done so on the field. Always listen to your parents, (I know at times we seem a little off the wall), but we know the deal. We've been playing the game for years. So, like I said, enjoy this and hold it forever. YOU ARE THE CHAMPIONS!
Coach Ken

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