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Diamondbacks Win "The Gentleman's Game"


Written by: Ken Glover
Sunday, May 30, 2004

The Diamondbacks won another close game that could have ended in a tie had it not been for the "Atttitude" of the opposing team's Coach Bono. Ha! Did you think I meant "bad attitude"? Well, you're wrong. In a game of great hitting, great fielding, and fine sportsmanship Coach Bono had the opportunity to settle for a tie, instead he said "Nah, let's let them play". Yet, another time this season I saw the little kid in an adults' face. That's baseball for ya'. Having fun, and making grown men feel like a kid again. God I love this game. Anyway, thanks Coach. And speaking of games, Eric Sellitto hit another home run, Paul Maneri had a triple and scored three times(way to bounce back Paul), Frank Canuso had a triple, Sean Hickey pitched another awesome game with help from Brendan Glover, and Eric Sellitto, Mike Robinson, Cory Crichton, and Sean Gupta each walked and scored. And Brian Braytenbah, David Sussman, and Bobby Bohny had awesome defensive performances. Guys, keep enjoying this. You're a fine team, and I am honored to be your coach. Thank your parents, and BEHAVE YOURSELVES on the field, and off. Also, Special thanks to Mr. Maneri for stepping in for Coach Hickey. I'll see you all on Tues. Enjoy your weekend. P.S. Sorry this is so late getting written up, Coach Ken has been a busy boy. Thanks.
Later Dudes

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